Monthly SEO Package Pricing

We suggest you start with an expert SEO analysis report. This will tell us what parts of your strategy need the most work. It is a great way to see who you are up against and what level of effort will be required.

SEO Analysis Report: $150 (3 Hours of research by an SEO professional)

Monthly SEO retainer packages.

A monthly SEO retainer ensures that a professional SEO expert will work on your website marketing for a specific number of hours each month.  We will work with you to determine the best distribution of hours.

SEO Packages include a mixture of the following services:

Check out this page for a complete description of all of our SEO marketing services.

monthly SEO marketing packages

SEO Pricing

All SEO billing is based on hours. We charge $70 per hour for services. Discounts are available for larger contracts. Our minimum retainer contract is 6 hours per month ($420/month) for four months. The first month of any contract requires an additional two hours setup. 

  • Starter Package: 6 Hours / Month ($420/month)
  • Bronze: 12 Hours / Month ( $840/month)
  • Silver: 20 Hours / Month ($1260/month) with 10% Discount
  • Gold: 28 Hours / Month ($1667/month) with 15% Discount
  • Platinum: 40 Hours / Month ($2240/month) with 20% Discount

All packages require a minimum 4-month commitment billed monthly. It takes at least 3.5 months to see any results with SEO. The Starter Package is only available to new customers one time. It is really more of an SEO proof of concept and is the bare-minimum effort needed to start seeing results. After the first starter package, clients must choose a higher tier package. 

Proper long-term SEO requires a lot of manual work, there are no shortcuts or automated solutions. (If there were everyone would use them and then they would be worthless.) Think of SEO as a garden, it can take months to see the results of your work, and it needs constant attention.

SEO statistics using fundamentals
The 3-month jump. When the SEO work starts to take effect.