AWS Amazon Managed Cloud Hosting Services

We have migrated hundreds of websites to the AWS cloud and we can help you migrate your critical business applications to the Amazon cloud.

AWS Virtual Cloud Servers

Did you know that most small businesses can run on a very minimal configuration? With AWS EC2 burstable T2/T3 instances you can enjoy the reliability and high availability of the cloud without the giant price tag.

Small cloud server configurations running LAMP stack with a dedicated RDS database server run about $150/month. And they can scale up (or down) at any time to keep pace with demand. This price includes our professional server admin and management services.

We can analyze your current web usage and recommend the ideal cloud configuration. Often we can save you thousands of dollars a year.

Managed AWS Cloud WordPress Hosting

You don’t need to run an entire virtual server just for a WordPress installation. You can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated managed cloud server without the expense. Check out our managed hosting plans for WordPress.

AWS Amazon Web Services

AWS Cloud Servers

EC2 Web Servers

Linux/Apache application servers running on burstable T3 or M5 instances. Easily mirror and load balance high-traffic servers. Most enterprise applications work fine with the appropriate T2 instance.  With burstable instances, the servers have a variable speed CPU that provides more power during peak times. M series instances give a dedicated CPU availability load, but cost a little more for the same CPU and RAM configuration.

There are also Compute and Memory focused instances that are designed for specific types of applications. We can also leverage Lambda micro-services to take CPU intensive processes off your main application server altogether.

Amazon RDS Database Servers

We can instantly provision MySQL, Aurora, and PostgreSQL database instances of any needed configuration. Automated reoccurring backups, disaster recovery, mirroring and load balancing are just a few of the functions we can assist you with.

With CloudWatch we know instantly when there is a problem (or a potential problem). Our server admins keep a close eye on our systems to ensure maximum uptime and high-availability.

Amazon RDS Health and CPU monitoring

Amazon SES/SMS Messaging

Amazon has a great messaging system: Simple Email Service. You can make sure your critical messages get through to your customers. We can also parse incoming mail using SES or Postmark. Load mail right into your Customer Service ticket tracking system, or use it to trigger application events and processes.

With the AWS SNS/SMS gateway, you can interface with your users via text message. We can add multi-layer authentication, set up instant notifications, and create interactive applications like getting your account balance or next payment date.

Add Twilio into the mix and we can have your app call users to verify phone numbers, communicate messages, or interact with your website via their phone or mobile device. Programmable voice, fax, and mobile messaging open new pathways to interact with your users.

Amazon S3 Storage

AWS S3 buckets allow you to store files with dedicated redundant high-availability storage. It doesn’t bog down your app server or open it up to security risks. It’s the least expensive way to store your image, video and audio files in the cloud.