Virtual Event Platform

Entexture has partnered with Smart-Reg International (A global leader in conference registration services) to provide a turn-key virtual event platform.

MVE provides a full suite of features to host a dynamic virtual event.

  • Virtual Presentation Rooms
  • Integrated Live Streams
  • Virtual Exhibitor Booths
  • Integrated Video Conferencing
  • Real-time live networking features
  • Attendee chat and messaging
My Virtual Events

Technology Used:

  • AWS EC2 Linux based web servers.
  • MySQL RDS distributed DB clusters
  • WebRTC peer-to-peer chat and video servers.
  • AWS CDN for global video streaming distribution.

Networking tools

Attendees can instantly create group video-chat rooms.

On-the-fly interactive video chat

Each room has an open group chat to enable communication between guests.

Integrated User Messaging

Users can communicate with integrated private messaging.

Virtual Exhibitor Booths

Custom exhibitor booths with integrated face-to-face video conferencing.

Interactive Presentations.

Pre-recorded streaming or live-stream video presentations include live real-time Q&A.

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